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Simply snapping your receipts, Recipio automates every step of the expense management process for you.

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Whether you are on a street to record the expense you just spent on a cup of coffee, or you are annoyed by the wallet burst with receipts, Recipio is here to help automate the whole receipt and expense management process for you.

Scan Receipt

Snap a picture of your receipt

Scan your receipt and our technology can automatically
read and input the receipt details for you.


Today Budget

The amount you can spend today is precisely calculated according to your budget. It is adjusted daily with your actual spending. Spent too much today? No problem, it will remind you to spend less tomorrow!

Track your spending

Want to know if you are following the budget? Our chart can show you the spending trend and difference from your budget plan. You can know if you are on track to save money or overspend at a glance.

Usual Expenses

Tired of entering the same expense everyday? Set up a quick key for your frequent expenses! Simply tapping it, your expense will be entered for you. Easy job!

More Features


Brands are detected and categorized for you

Payment Type

Your Payment method is shown in expense details

Real-time Sync

Sync your transactions, and restore data at anytime

Multiple Devices

Get access to account across devices at the same time


All data transfer is secured with encryption


All personal information is privately kept

About Us

Our team has been recognised by some of the most popular media in Hong Kong for our innovative
digital receipt solution and breakthrough receipt-scanning technology.

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